Well, my old friend, Helen Ginger, the “Queen of Hill Country Crime,” has written yet another wonderful book!  (Yes, I’m jealous)   With a last name like Ginger, you might have thought she was one of the Spice Girls, but you’d be wrong.  Miss Helen is simply a marvelous writer, and the author of a great new book, titled, DEADPOINT.  (Which has NOTHING to do with the top of my head!)  Without spoiling the tale, let’s just say that the plot deals with a dead maintenance supervisor and an intrusive firebrand preacher, who have popped up at Hart of Atlantis Park and Aquarium in the Texas Hill Country.  (Helen used to work – no joking – as a “mermaid” at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos.)

Although divorced from Michael Lansing, the park’s security officer, Codie Hart (the book’s main protagonist) resolves to work with him to protect her family’s business.  The book gets wild and wooly when a ritualistic killer arrives to steal newly developed technology from the park.  I shall not spoil the ending for you, but needless to say, you will be shaking from excitement!

I don’t usually recommend other mystery-type novels, primarily because I don’t need any more competition!  In fact, I have only mentioned two other books on my blog… one from my old friend Michael Connelly and one from my mentor, Elmore Leonard.  So… this book must be pretty darn good.  (and that it is!)  Miss Helen has previously served as the Executive Director of the Writers’ League of Texas (when I was a board member), President of the Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas Chapter, and volunteer chair of the Texas Book Festival.  Her other two books, both excellent reads, are ANGEL SOMETIMES and DISMEMBERING THE PAST.

I realize that 40,000 of my 50,000 blog followers live outside of Austin, Texas, but for you folks who live in Central Texas, please make a note of the following “Afternoon with the Author” program:   (Where Helen will be signing books!)

Sunday, June 25, 2017.  (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.) in the Terrace Room at 3801 Berkman Drive, Austin, Texas.  FREE champagne and caviar!  (Not really, but there will be some light bites.)  So, amigos y amigettes, be there or be square!  No excuses!

And speaking of presentations and book signings…..  last Wednesday I had the high honor and distinct privilege of presenting a brilliant oration about William H. Seward, who just happens to be the subject of my new book, TURBULENT TIMES.  I spoke to a wonderful group of folks at the Lakeway Men’s Breakfast Club, in lovely Lakeway, Texas.  Great turnout, great discussion, and a great Q & A afterwards.  I’d like to thank my good friend, Loyd Smith, for setting things up and introducing me.  I really enjoyed myself, despite having to get out of bed before noon!  I am looking forward to speaking with the Lakeway Women’s Breakfast Club in October.

Next Sunday I will have a (semi) surprise announcement about my first history book, THE SECOND MOURNING.  I shall not tease you, but the book is bound for glory!  (whatever that means)  Tune in next week and I will share all of the gory details!  Until then, be happy and thank God that you don’t live in a place like North Korea.  Do you know the name of the general who supervised that failed missile launch last week?  Sum Ting Wong.  The poor general had one very bad habit – breathing!  Alas, he no longer has any bad habits.  (or any habits at all!)

Be well and keep smiling!  AND CHECK OUT THE BOOK COVER ATTACHED TO THIS ERUDITE BLOG!   Love to all,

Doc Yanoff


**** Book Cover Attached!




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