AND IF YOU CAN’T GO WEST…..  go western!  (as in, country & western) Which, by the way, was the theme of last night’s gala engagement party, hosted by Big Tex Rubenstein and his lovely bride, Janglin’ Jaime.  Their youngest son recently got engaged and is fixin’ to get hitched this October.  Gary & Jaime were kind enough to provide some VERY tasty barbecue with all the sides a buckeroo could ever want.  Needless to say, there was also plenty of tequila, and from what I remember, folks were mighty thirsty.  Which reminds me, I need to apologize for kissing Loyd Smith when he was leaving.  (Loyd is my new [unpaid] publicity & booking agent)  He is also one of my devoted blog followers, and a darn good kisser!

In addition to the great company and cuisine, guests were entertained by one of the BEST bands in the Hill Country….  Lohman’s Crossing Band, out of Austin, Texas.  If you’re ever in need of some top notch performers, then this is the group for you.  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this band once or twice before, and they are simply marvelous.  (I’m not sure, but I think the lead singer, a lovely young lady, has a big crush on me.  She asked me to get her a cup of water during the show.)  In any case, you can reach these folks at:   http://www.facebook.com/lohmanscrossing.

And since we’re on the subject of travel, (we were?) allow me to mention a couple of odd events that recently took place… as many of you know, I spent 3 weeks last summer sailing around Sicily.  Well, no sooner do I get home, when Mount Etna starts erupting again!  Yup, the dear lady has finally blown her top.  Last week she started oozing red hot lava, and although the scientific community says this is “normal,” the local residents are very worried.  And so am I.  Why?  Because I left a good pair of sunglasses on the rim of the darn volcano.  I’m tempted to go back next week, but I think I’ll wait for the sale at LensCrafters.

So, in addition to the volcano, we spent a good deal of time on the lovely island of Gozo.  (Which is part of Malta.)  Gozo was famous for a magnificent stone arch on the western coast of the island.  (The arch was known as the “Azure Window,” because you could look through it and observe the sea.)  Well, unfortunately, there was a huge storm in Gozo a couple of weeks ago, and the dang waves much have reached about 100 feet, because the arch was knocked down!  Sadly, the island has now lost its most famous tourist attraction.  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I want you to understand that the collapse had nothing to do with me walking across the arch… or the picnic we had on the top.  The waves were to blame.  Really.

Well, I would love to write more, but I am on my way downtown to see the new house that my youngest daughter recently purchased in Tarrytown.  The place is currently being renovated, and I’m certain they want my design input.  (Or maybe they just want me to take everyone to lunch!)  Regardless, I must depart!

Have yourselves a lovely Sunday and a joyous week.  For all of my “Yankee” friends, be careful shoveling that wet snow!  I hate to brag, but today is sunny and warm (80 degrees) down here in lovely Austin.  Ah well, it’s a tough job living in paradise, but somebody has to do it!

Love to all,

Doc Yanoff

One thought on “GO WEST, YOUNG MAN!

  1. Actually, Steve had both my portion and his of the tequila. As we were leaving, several guests were still trying to pry him from the tree he was kissing thinking it was me! Many thanks the the Rubenstein’s for a wonderful afternoon@

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