All right, I promise…  NO MORE MEZCAL DURING LUNCH!

I almost forgot to mention (and thank!) TheFriedbergFanClub (a vibrant and growing group of Elvis lovers) who generously offered to purchase 32 copies of THE PRESLEY PLOT for their next monthly meeting.

The lovely town of Friedberg  (about 15 miles north of Frankfurt, Germany) just happens to be the place where a young Army private named ELVIS PRESLEY was stationed in 1958.

The King served with the 3rd Armored Division (for about 18 months) and rose to the rank of sergeant!  (He served with distinction and was honorably discharged, which is a lot more than you can say for the present crowd of performers we have!)  Although, to be fair, many country and rock ‘n’ roll singers do risk life and limb to entertain our troops… and they should be heartily cheered.)

Well, unless I’ve forgotten something (a 50-50 proposition!) I will be signing off for today.  Enjoy your weekend….


Doc Yanoff


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